Children's Health in Community

Children's Health in Community



Children aren’t raised in a clinic. They’re raised by families, caregivers and neighbors, and in communities with distinct cultures and traditions. We need healthy communities to raise healthy kids.

That’s why Children’s Minnesota is working beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics to empower and activate community strengths and expertise as a pathway to supporting health for all kids in our region.

Our approach is called Children’s Health in Community. It is grounded in an understanding of the social and environmental factors that impact health and a driving focus on equity. Working hand-in-hand with community partners, we give voice to issues impacting child health, advocate for their interests, tackle disparities and link the necessary systems to offer a more comprehensive version of health and well-being for children and families.

Your gift advances this important work by supporting programs that bridge the clinical and community elements of health.  Together, we can help raise healthy children in thriving communities.